Crea carpet; With its product group and projects, which are constantly developed by 700 dealers active domestically, we always meet the desires and demands of all our business partners, especially our customers, and always use the principle of "Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" in the business and targeting sustainable growth. With the customer-oriented approach that we have adopted since 2008, we have built the foundations of all our departments on this structure and realized horizontal growth instead of advancing in a vertical hierarchical system and the focus of our company's organizational structure, as has been the case for 11 years, constitutes our CUSTOMERS. Crea Halı, which adopts the principle of providing services to our customers with all other units, aims to make this vision in the sector sustainable by establishing healthy relationships with our business partners and employees.

The process of growth and change has been the most important key element of our business model. The principle of "Sustainable Growth" is one of the leading values today with the principle of quality, trust and stability.

Our company, which sees institutionalization as an intermediary, not the purpose of our long journey; aims to strengthen our current competitive power by using today's technological developments. With this goal and vision, with our logistics business partners and our important investments in our computing infrastructure, it is our priorities to respond to all the expectations of our customers in as soon as possible with the contributions of our technological infrastructure. is located between the two.

As Crea Carpet, we have created a company culture that plans not only today but also the future, bringing innovation and in-house entrepreneurship to the forefront of new ideas and projects with all our partners and dealers we share.


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