Special Moderation


Thanks to the "Special Measurement Carpet" produced for the first time in the world with the signature of Crea Carpet, you will now be able to organize your home according to your home, not your carpet.


It is the carpet where you specify the shape, the type of edge, the dimensions yourself and are prepared specifically for your order within 1 day and sent to your address.

To the extent that we want in accordance with the wishes of our customers with cutting carpet service; with flat, oval or round shapes, we personalize carpets with folding, over-lock, fringed edge options.

Today, with the mobilization of the construction sector, there has also been a competition in all related sectors. As a result of this situation, all houses have lost their resemblance to each other, but domestic settlements have become independent of each other. Fixed-measured placements for humans have been dissatisfied. Special measurement has gained importance in the furniture and carpet sector in the name of this situation. We cater to the needs of our customers with the special measurement method that we are pioneering in carpet industry and our management principles.

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